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Tue Aug 5 13:25:37 PDT 2003

Aside from an assortment of other comments, it continues to amaze me
that you incorrectly use trademarks. This seems important at a time when
you are playing legal games yourself.

 * You don't identify the owner of the UNIX trademark and it is implied
   from your other mumblings that you own it. That is, you own the IP
   so someone would expect you to own the trademark. That is not the
 * This is the first press release where I see that you indicate that
   Linux is a trademark. But, again, you do not identify the owner and
   your title would lead one to believe that you own it.
 * UnixWare certainly could not be a trademark as it includes Unix
   which is a registered trademark of another. Reminds me of when
   Everex tried to trademark ENIX but could not because it was a part
   of Xenix. I don't remember if this was before or after Microsoft
   transfered the Xenix trademark to SCO.

On Tue, Aug 05, 2003 at 12:49:42PM -0400, Avi Dines wrote:
> Contact:
> Blake Stowell	
> The SCO Group	
> bstowell@sco.com
> Tel: (801) 932-5703	
> www.sco.com 	
> Dave Close/Avi Dines/Brian Willinsky
> Schwartz Communications
> sco@schwartz-pr.com
> Tel: (781) 684-0770
> SCO provides commercial Linux users with run-time, binary license to run
> SCO's intellectual property in Linux  
> LINDON, Utah-August 5, 2003-The SCO Group, Inc. (Nasdaq: SCOX), the owner
> and licensor of the core UNIX® operating system source code, today
> announced the availability of the SCO Intellectual Property License for
> Linux®. The run-time license permits the use of SCO's intellectual
> property, in binary form only, as contained in Linux distributions. By
> purchasing a SCO Intellectual Property License, customers avoid
> infringement of SCO's intellectual property rights in Linux 2.4 and Linux
> 2.5 kernels. Because the SCO license authorizes run-time use only,
> customers also comply with the General Public License, under which Linux is
> distributed.
> SCO announced in July that it had registered the copyrights to its software
> releases of UNIX System V and UnixWare® with the U.S. Copyright office and
> that it would offer licenses to cure the SCO IP infringement issues for
> Linux operating systems. Beginning this week, SCO will start meeting with
> commercial Linux customers to present the details of this right to use SCO
> intellectual property binary licensing program.
> "We have identified numerous files of unlicensed UNIX System V code and
> UNIX System V derivative code in the Linux 2.4 and 2.5 kernels," said Chris
> Sontag, senior vice president and general manager of SCOsource, the
> intellectual property licensing division of SCO. "We believe it is
> necessary for Linux customers to properly license SCO's IP if they are
> running Linux 2.4 kernel and later versions for commercial purposes. The
> license insures that customers can continue their use of binary deployments
> of Linux without violating SCO's intellectual property rights."
> Pricing and Availability
> SCO will be offering an introductory license price of $699 for a single CPU
> system through October 15th, 2003. Pricing for multiple CPU systems, single
> CPU add-ons, desktop systems and embedded systems will also be available.
> Linux users who are interested in additional information or purchasing an
> IP License for Linux should contact their local SCO sales representative or
> call SCO at 1-800-726-8649 or visit our web site at
> http://www.sco.com/scosource   
> About The SCO Group
> The SCO Group (NASDAQ: SCOX) helps millions of customers in more than 82
> countries to grow their businesses with UNIX business solutions.
> Headquartered in Lindon, Utah, SCO has a worldwide network of more than
> 11,000 resellers and 4,000 developers. SCO Global Services provides
> reliable localized support and services to all partners and customers. For
> more information on SCO products and services visit http://www.sco.com.
> SCO and the associated SCO logo are trademarks or registered trademarks of
> The SCO Group, Inc., in the U.S. and other countries. UNIX and UnixWare are
> registered trademarks of The Open Group in the United States and other
> countries. All other brand or product names are or may be trademarks of,
> and are used to identify products or services of, their respective owners.

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