[linux-elitists] [SCO] Red Hat strikes back

Jonathan Corbet corbet@lwn.net
Mon Aug 4 11:27:57 PDT 2003

> Not intending to complain in any way about your posting (for which,
> thanks), but do you have any idea what "complaint" means in this
> context?  It could mean anything from Szulik shooting at McBride a paper
> airplane with "You suck" printed on company letter letterhead to a
> Federal lawsuit seeking immediate injunctions, etc.

They explained in a fair amount of detail during the LinuxWorld conference,
but those of us attempting to listen over the phone missed most of it.
>From what I am able to gather, it's a formal complaint in a Delaware court
asking for two things:

- A summary judgement that RH has not infringed SCO's copyrights or exposed
  its trade secrets,

- A permanent injunction to stop the FUD campaign.

The interesting thing with the summary judgement request, IMO, is that it
could force SCO to lay out its evidence (assuming there is some) relatively


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