[linux-elitists] USB knobs and buttons.

Nick 'Sharkey' Moore sharkey@zoic.org
Fri Aug 1 15:23:56 PDT 2003

On 2003-08-01, Seth David Schoen wrote:
> Nick 'Sharkey' Moore writes:
> > You could look at <http://www.dontronics.com/dlp.html> this sort
> > of module, which gives you eight bidirectional I/O pins.
> One problem is that their high-end device can only do about 800
> characters per second.  (Maybe I just didn't look through enough data
> sheets; that was the only number I could find easily.)

8Mbit/s / 1MByte/s seems to be the stated thang for the 
FT8U245 based stuff ... no idea where you got 800B/s from ...

> The GNU Radio folks have just put together an external fast ADC/DAC
> peripheral which is supposed to be on sale soon.  Unfortunately, its
> bandwidth is apparently still a little too low for TV applications,

I'm looking at the USB adaptors, and at TV scan-line FIFOs, and
thinking oscilloscope, myself ... all you'd need to add would be
a trigger circuit ...

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