[linux-elitists] Exchange replacement under Linux?

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Sun Apr 27 01:12:37 PDT 2003

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Quoting Ed Carp (erc@pobox.com):

> > _Easily_ the best long-term bet.  Not only does it include all the usual
> > shopping-list features, but also does it entirely with open-source code,
> > even inventing _new_ open-source standards where necessary (scheduling,
> > tasklists).  
> Uh, which one?  Kroupware or Bynari?

Kroupware!  Bynari's major accomplishment was reverse-engineering
Microsoft's secret RPC-based mail transport protocols -- and continuing
to keep them secret.  In the longer term, that is _not_ progress.

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