[linux-elitists] Exchange replacement under Linux?

Larry M. Augustin lma@lmaugustin.com
Sat Apr 26 07:39:54 PDT 2003

I was recently talking to a sysadmin in small business (about 55 people)
about his problems with Exchange.  It seems that he has to reboot his
exchange server about three times a week, and would be open to anything that
would cut down on his pager going off.  He has never used Linux or any
flavor of Unix, but would be willing to learn if there was a chance to make
the transition to something more reliable.

Here's the catch - the change in the server room has to be transparent to
the users on the desktop.  The small business in question lives in MS
Outlook.  Everyone there is computer illiterate with the exception of
knowing where to point and click in Outlook.  Going to Outlook XP from
Outlook 2000 was a major event for the organization as the places you click
in the menus are slightly different.  Also, when I say they use Outlook,
they use the full feature set of Outlook + Exchange: shared calendaring,
meeting invitations, task assignments, shared contact lists, etc.  So this
is not just a case of dropping in sendmail + imap server.

So here's the question:  Is there a drop-in replacement for Exchange that
runs on Linux that he could install where the desktop Outlook users would
never know the difference?  I'd prefer Open Source, but commercial software
on Linux is OK.

I know of Samsung Contact
ad22b420cc71c5c).  (The old HP OpenMail.)  Has anyone ever used it?  Any
feedback on it?

I also know of the Exchange Server Replacement HOWTO:
Unfortunately, this is really just a howto on replacing Exchange for email,
and lists the lack of shared calendaring as one of the drawbacks.



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