[linux-elitists] fwd: [SLL] Amusement opportunity?

Ron Guerin ron@vnetworx.net
Wed Apr 23 08:49:57 PDT 2003

On Wed, 2003-04-23 at 11:49, Dan Wilder wrote:
> A large Redmond firm is looking for somebody to help turn the heads of 
> wayward customers back to the One True Fold.


> This team will work with our customers across the regions and
> verticals to maximize their investments in Microsoft infrastructure
> technologies ... 

Strictly from an economic perspective, I believe maximizing one's
investments in Microsoft infrastructure means throwing it out as quickly
as feasible.  (or at the very least, not buying any new Microsoft
infrastructure for as long as possible)

Or is that minimizing one's loss?

- Ron

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