[linux-elitists] AOL says goodbye to AT&T/Comcast and residential mail spools

mike@jurney.org mike@jurney.org
Fri Apr 11 11:47:50 PDT 2003

On Fri, 11 Apr 2003, Shawn McMahon wrote:

> On Fri, Apr 11, 2003 at 02:19:48PM -0400, mike@jurney.org said:
> >
> > "Coddle you" being defined as "Accept email from my properly-configured
> > SMTP server"?  Sweet christ, I never really noticed how unreasonable I was
> > being.
> You're violating your ISP's terms of service and avoiding paying for
> services, and you're complaining about somebody else violating an RFC?

I suppose it's possible that I'd be violating _your_ ISP's TOS, but I know
for a fact that I wouldn't be violating mine.

> Your desire to get cheap service (and I'm doing the same thing, but I'm
> not expecting people to coddle me) doesn't entitle you to force me to
> receive hundreds of spam on the off chance you might want to configure
> your SMTP server to bypass your ISP.

AOL has a spam problem that I'm sure is quite severe.  They choose to
solve their problem in a way that's actively hostile to the notion that
anyone other than a full-time and recognized network provider would choose
to operate an SMTP server.  That's stupid and vicious.  The fact that many
people are doing the same stupid, vicious thing fails to negate the
stupidity or viciousness of that thing.

Also, just to clear up the whole "Stop being such a cheap bastard and pony
up the cash" issue, I'm not running an SMTP server at home (though as I
pointed out above it's well within the limits of my TOS to do so).  This
decision by AOL means I'd be paying more money for the same service simply
because they (and everyone else blocking SMTP from known dynamic ranges)
find it more convenient to ignore the way the internet is supposed to

Michael D. Jurney

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