[linux-elitists] Postfix vs Exim

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Sun Sep 29 17:08:03 PDT 2002

On Sun, Sep 22, 2002 at 08:21:54AM -0400, Andrew wrote:
> > - Exim is the only MTA I know that can create virtual aliases on the fly
> >   (i.e. mailman aliases)
> You mean like user-somealias@domain?  qmail does that out of the box, too.

No, I mean listname@domain, and being able to accept mail just for listname
because I have such a mailman list on disk.

My exim does, for instance.

Accept Email where callbacks fail if they are bounces to an existing mailman list:
  # Accept bounces to lists even if callbacks or other checks would fail
  warn     message      = X-WhitelistedRCPT-nohdrfromcallback: Yes
           condition    = ${if and {{match{$local_part}{.*-bounces\+.*}} {exists

  accept  condition     = ${if and {{match{$local_part}{.*-bounces\+.*}} {exists


# We want this router first in case we have a list named something like
# mailman-owner
    driver = accept
    require_files = MAILMAN_HOME/lists/${lc::$local_part}/config.pck
    transport = mm21_transport

    driver = accept
    require_files = MAILMAN_HOME/lists/${lc::$local_part}/config.pck
    local_part_suffix = "-bounces:-bounces+*:-confirm+*:-join:-leave:-owner:-req
    transport = mm21_transport


## For Mailman 2.1, you only need one transport, albeit with a rather
## elaborate command...
    driver = pipe
    # In case you wonder, substr_2 removes the leading '-'
    # and the regex removes optional +foo=hostname that can be after -bounce
    # (if you use VERP) -- Marc
    command = MAILMAN_WRAP "${if def:local_part_suffix{${substr_2:{${sg{${lc:$lo
cal_part_suffix}}{\\\\\+.*}{}}}}{post}}" ${lc:$local_part}
    current_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
    home_directory = MAILMAN_HOME
    user = MAILMAN_UID
    group = MAILMAN_GID

*@MAINDOMAIN "${if exists {MAILMAN_HOME/lists/$1} {$1@LISTDOMAIN}fail}" hE

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