[linux-elitists] RE: [offlist] RE: Connection refused (was: RE: mynetworks =* ?) (fwd)

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Tue Sep 17 11:32:48 PDT 2002

begin  Aaron Sherman  quotation:
> The only danger to watch out for is the Freenet trap: don't aim for
> the stars on first release. Get something out the door that works
> well.

I thought the lesson of Freenet was "FOR THE LOVE OF GOD DON'T USE

> If Java was designed to be portable, why is it so much easier to
> port C programs to different Unixes than it is to port Java programs
> to Java Runtime Environments on different Unixes? I've heard people
> complain they cannot get the Freenet distribution (an anonymous
> file-sharing and publishing architecture written in Java) to work on
> JRE X, so they are trying JREs Y and Z instead to see if problems
> are less catastrophic there. If Freenet were a C program, it would
> have been picked up by all the Unix package collections by now, and
> would be just as easy to install as lynx or mutt. Since it's written
> in Java, it's a portability nightmare, and only a small inner circle
> has gotten it almost-working. Java's decoy claims of portability
> have in effect killed the Freenet, and dragged the Freenet
> architecture down to the same level of broken fantastic promises
> that Java makes. ``The mythical Freenet about which we have heard so
> much.''

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