[linux-elitists] RE: [offlist] RE: Connection refused (was: RE: mynetworks =* ?) (fwd)

Eugen Leitl eugen@leitl.org
Mon Sep 16 14:27:10 PDT 2002


Hopefully P2P will die quickly.  I hate it, and so does anyone who has
to try and secure a network.  It exposes you to every scumbag in the
world who feels they have a right to invade your privacy.  It has no
redeeming features whatsoever.  It destroys privacy, eliminates any
possibility of security and doesn't deliver what it promised to begin
with.  It was a bad idea that's been proven even worse by the new
Slapper worm.

AAMOF, at our next security meeting, we will be discussing whether or
not P2P should simply be banned at the edge of every UTexas campus.


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