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Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Sun Sep 15 21:04:47 PDT 2002

Ladies and gentlemen, we're looking at fine examples of first, the
"non-threatening, interoperable, reliable" school of Linux advocacy,
and second, unreasonable-man-changing-the-world-to-suit-himself
190-proof GNUism.

The first is often effective in introducing free software to
well-funded organizations, and working towards its success there.
The second can be a long-term investment in attracting the wannabe
hackers who will be the developers of the future.  (In other words,
the first makes you popular with shortsighted corporate drones,
and the second makes you popular with 14-year-old Swedish punks.)
Both are currently necessary, and I find myself using both depending
on the audience.

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