[linux-elitists] SpamCop Forgeries

Marc MERLIN marc@merlins.org
Fri Sep 13 23:51:19 PDT 2002

On Sat, Sep 14, 2002 at 02:37:49AM -0400, Aaron Sherman wrote:
> I set spamcop's blacklist test to 2.0 in my spamassassin. So far, any
> time a message has been flagged for that reason, it's been 100% spam.
> Then again, perhaps there are messages that never made it to my
> threshold that SC was flagging.
I've had both, but I look at SA headers on mails that didn't get flagged as
spam too.
Again, bl.sc.net is useful for scoring in SA, but I don't think it should be
used for blocking in the MTA like the MAPS RBL
> > Thanks, Marc, for the words of caution and sanity.
> I don't think that urging people to ignore Spamcop is particularly
> cautious, and I'm not qualified to judge sane.

We are urging people not to use bl.sc.net to do RBL blocking in the MTA.

As for  your earlier comment, SC  cannot make the difference  between a real
spam and a carefully crafted fake.
I can create 10 SC accounts, craft  10 spams from you, submit them, and your
own mail will be blocked.

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