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Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Mon Oct 28 12:58:45 PST 2002

Don Marti writes:

> begin Seth David Schoen quotation of Thu, Oct 24, 2002 at 11:58:54AM -0700:
> > Speaking of analog copy controls, some industries have recently (on
> > Tuesday) announced the formation of a working group to address the
> > "analog hole".  It will probably meet in December in L.A.
> I thought they had one of those:
> http://www.sdmi.org/
> What is the new group doing that SDMI didn't? 

Video, for one thing.

Also, SDMI didn't, as far as I know, intend to address the behavior of
devices with respect to unencrypted analog inputs, only unencrypted
digital inputs.

The industries which are most concerned about this right now have
copyrights in motion pictures.  So an audio-only watermark isn't very
satisfying to them.

In a video signal, there's a lot more space to include watermarks,
which doesn't mean that they're necessarily more robust against a
knowledgeable attacker -- but does mean that in some naive senses they
are easier to embed.  You can certainly add more information without
any perceptible degradation.

The group is actually going to be called the "Re-digitization of
Protected Content Working Group" because the term "analog hole" had,
according to one participant, developed too much "baggage".

We're probably going to start a new site called "Cruelty to Analog"
to talk about proposals to restrict the functionality of analog

> Did anyone ever test the conjecture -- I think Jack Moffitt made it
> -- that encoding audio with a MP3-proof watermark using Ogg Vorbis
> is likely to remove the watermark?

For some reason, the availability of public watermark challenges with
public oracles has diminished sharply.

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