[linux-elitists] LinuxWorld New York 2003 Registration is Open! (fwd)

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Thu Oct 24 11:58:54 PDT 2002

Aaron Lehmann writes:

> On Mon, Oct 14, 2002 at 12:09:49PM -0400, Ron Guerin wrote:
> > Macrovision better provide their people with spit shields.  I know of a
> > few people that might end up getting dragged out of the Expo when they
> > find out these folks are there.
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> > - Ron
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> > Silver Sponsor:  macrovision, GLOBEtrotter Software Division
> Macrovision was a sponsor of the latest LinuxWorld Expo at the Moscone
> too. I mentioned this to Seth Schoen, among other people.

I saw them there.  I did find it amusing (at least) that they would
choose to sponsor a conference named after a free software product.

They were selling license management software (akin to the old flexlm,
which I guess is still in use) -- it counts how many copies of something
you're running where and tries to limit it to a particular total.  I
think they acquired some sort of license management vendor and are
diversifying their business a little.

Their presence at LinuxWorld shows that Linux is used by lots of
people who are not free software activists and also by people who are
working with -- and within -- Hollywood and other traditional

As Lessig said elsewhere, in a different context: "I thought we knew

Speaking of analog copy controls, some industries have recently (on
Tuesday) announced the formation of a working group to address the
"analog hole".  It will probably meet in December in L.A.

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