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Subject: [cfgeeks] UCSD bans WinNT/2K

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Date: Thu, 10 Oct 2002 08:06:55 -0400
From: "Jeremy Epstein" <jepstein@webmethods.com>
Subject: UCSD bans WinNT/2K -- will it do any good?

Seen in *Security Wire Digest* ... seems to me it's trading the devil
know for the devil you ... know.  Is WinXP really any more secure than
WinNT/2K?  Now if they banned the use of Outlook, that might be a step

BTW, students have to pay for a copy of WinXP.  Maybe this is a
effort by Microsoft... put out products that are so vulnerable that
have to spend more money to buy a less vulnerable version.  "I'm sorry
ma'am, but the wheels frequently fall off the 1998 model cars.  We have
intention of fixing the problem.  Would you like to buy a 2002 model for
$20,000?  By the way, you'll also need to build a new garage on your
to park it in, and a new driver's license, because the old ones aren't

Citing security reasons, the University of California at Santa Barbara
(UCSB) has banned the use of Microsoft Windows NT/2000 on its
network, ResNet. In a posting on the ResNet site, UCSB officials blame
OSes for "hundreds of major problems on UCSB's residential network
the 2001-2 academic year," including exploited vulnerabilities,
denial-of-service attacks, port scanning, and infections by Code Red and
Nimda. UCSB recommends that ResNet users switch to Windows XP Home.

Gee why not ban Linux while they are it since it can do all those things
better. ;-)

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