[linux-elitists] Fwd: Bitkeeper outragem, old and new

Mister Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Tue Oct 15 06:34:33 PDT 2002

>>>>> "GK" == Greg KH <greg@kroah.com> writes:

    GK> Merges with an external source are wonderful.

By "external source", do you mean a tarball? Or another BitKeeper
repository thingy?

    GK> Also, changesets are very nice (yes, other VCS have them)
    GK> along with the ability to do checkins in a distributed manner
    GK> (don't have to be connected to a server), and support for file
    GK> changes (rm, cp, mv), make it very nice.

Ah. Yeah.

    GK> Specific for kernel development, it makes it _very_ easy to
    GK> send changes to Linus.

Well, yeah.

It's weird -- this all sounds like stuff that the "next generation"
Free version control systems, like arch, katie, and subversion, do now
or intend to do.

But, hey, y'know, 

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