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Karsten M. Self
Wed Nov 20 16:30:06 PST 2002

on Wed, Nov 20, 2002, Rick Moen ( wrote:
> Quoting Karsten M. Self (
> >     $ grep editor ~/.vim/config
> >     editor vim
> > 
> > I agree that most browser editors suck.  Vim sucks.  It sucks less than
> > any browser editor I'm aware of. 
> If you're saying that w3m can be made to use $EDITOR of one's choice for
> Web page fill-in fields, I'll definitely have to attempt that.

w3m uses the specified editor for any textarea.  Input fields are
managed by providing an edit buffer at the bottom of the browser


  -  hitting 'enter' on the search field moves
    the cursor to the bottom of the screen, where one inputs the search
    keyword(s).  You can optionally specify emacs-style line editing

  -  selecting the 'edit'
    link (after you're registered) gives the page's text in an edit box.
    Entering this, your chosen editor opens.

    If you don't want to register, try Meatball Wiki:, which allows unauthenticated access.

w3m's configuration options are accessed by typing 'o' in a browser
session, and are presented in a clean fashion.  Much cleaner than, say,
lynx's, IMVAO.

> Meanwhile, I prefer to edit HTML locally using vim directly, with my own
> SCM regime, etc.

...and if you want to share?

Note that the use of w3m/vim also allows you to include local text via

   :0r <filename>

...providing you both local editing and two levels of SCM.

A wee bit of overhead.  Nice functionality.  Naturally, your preference,
though I _would_ be delighted to have the participation of several of
those present.


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