TWikIWeThey (was Re: [linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour)

Karsten M. Self
Wed Nov 20 01:20:49 PST 2002

on Tue, Nov 19, 2002, Rick Moen ( wrote:
> Quoting Aaron Lehmann (
> > I suggest using w3m. HTH. HAND.
> I do that.
> It's still a Web browser's fill-in field, and it still sucks.

    $ grep editor ~/.vim/config
    editor vim

I agree that most browser editors suck.  Vim sucks.  It sucks less than
any browser editor I'm aware of.  If vim isn't your cuppa, substitute
accordingly.  Console or graphical editors are supported.

While I like w3m as a text-mode browser, it's not my first choice for
general purpose browsing.

As an interface for doing extensive surgery on a TWiki page, it's pretty

At there should be some discussion of interfacing
to TWiki via other means, including mail.  Possibly nntp, though I'm not
sure of this.  I'll dig refs if requested after I finish doing some
surgery to my laptop.

An authenticated post method based on a local edit session might also
work, though the submit-review-committ cycle of a TWiki edit would
require some thinking through.


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