[linux-elitists] Re: Bind 8 bug experience (fwd)

Peter Wiersig wiersig-ml@dns.glamus.de
Tue Nov 19 15:14:50 PST 2002

Jeremy McLeod wrote:
> If you actually need any of that nonsense, you've got bigger
> problems than figuring out what DNS server software to run.

Well, the realisation of these concepts may be worse than other,
open standards, but the concept is acceptable.

But the misuse of a standard like DNS is what Microsoft tries to
pull everytime. I know it's not needed to put those entries with the
underscore in DNS, but this is a way where you have to supply a MS
DNS-server and thus one more NT licence sold.

No, I don't use any of these technologies, but I am aware of
problems which occur when you try to replace MS products with open
source software.

Sorry for this continuation of this thread.


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