[linux-elitists] PubScience: discontinued -- Government public information service canceled by industry lobby

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Fri Nov 15 18:06:36 PST 2002

Anyone familiar with:

   - PubScience:  http://www.osti.gov/disconps.html
   - SIAA:  http://www.siia.net/
   - SIAA members:  http://www.siia.net/glance/members.asp
   - SIAA BoD:  http://www.siia.net/glance/board.asp

...and the relationship between SIAA and the closing of PubScience:

    More sites targeted for shutdown
    BY William Matthews
    Nov. 13, 2002


    Having persuaded the Energy Department to pull the plug on
    PubScience, a Web site that offered free access to scientific and
    technical articles, commercial publishers are taking aim at
    government-funded information services offering free legal and
    agricultural data.

    "We are looking into a couple of other databases and agencies," said
    David LeDuc, public policy director at the Software and Information
    Industry Association.

    After more than a year of pressing Congress and the Bush
    administration, the SIIA succeeded Nov. 4 in having PubScience shut
    down. The association's members include publishing companies that
    offer some of the same articles for sale over the Internet that the
    Energy Department was making available for free.  

SIAA's own release on this subject:


    The following Q&A is designed to provide basic information about
    this issue:

    Is SIIA responsible for DOE's decision to discontinue PubSCIENCE?
    DOE conducted a long, careful review of its Internet-based
    information resources, and held an open comment period for the
    public to respond to a proposal to discontinue PubSCIENCE. SIIA was
    one of many interested parties that provided insights and analysis.
    We strongly support this open, fair review process.

    Why does the SIIA support DOE's decision?  Since the inception of
    PubSCIENCE in 1999, SIIA has argued that DOE should discontinue
    PubSCIENCE because it provides access to a database of bibliographic
    information that duplicates and competes with databases made
    available by private sector publishers.

    Does SIIA oppose the government providing access to government
    information?  No. SIIA recognizes that government information is
    public, by law, and we are strong advocates for maintaining public
    access to government (public) information. Moreover, SIIA is a
    leading advocate for maintaining a diversity of sources through
    which the public has access to government information, including
    both public and private sources. SIIA continues to support DOE
    efforts that do not compete with existing private sector services,
    such as the DOE Information Bridge, which provides access to its own
    research and development reports-an example of effective

More corporate ugliness at a cost to the public.


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