[linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour

Shawn McMahon smcmahon@eiv.com
Thu Nov 14 05:46:06 PST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 07:10:03PM -0500, Derek Vadala said:
> This is precisely why an off-site secondary is useful and it seems like it
> was totally ignored in DJB's argument against off-site secondaries.  Then

All Bernstein arguments can be summed up as one of two conversations:

B: This feature is not useful because none of my customers use it.

RM: None of your customers use it because your software doesn't support
it.  People who need this feature stop using your software.

B: RM is an idiot.


B: My software is free.

RM: True.  But it's not Free.

B: RM is an idiot.

The rest is blah blah blah.

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