[linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour

Modus Operandi modus@as220.org
Wed Nov 13 21:51:50 PST 2002

Deirdre Saoirse <deirdre@deirdre.net> looked into the void, and said:

> At 7:07 PM -0800 11/13/02, Nick Moffitt wrote:
> > Your little pine thing seems to have borked threading, Deirdre.  Are
> > you running an older version, or does PINE just not do that?
> No, but even mutt would have broken it since I use neither as my MUA of
> choice[1]. It is a compromise to allow posting to the list. I suppose I
> could use mail instead...but I'm not that masochistic.
> In reality, I paste the message into pine, fluffle accordingly and add
> what I wish to say.
> [1] Instead, I prefer a proprietary MUA that isn't allowed to post to this
> list.

Wait, ... I'm using Mutt, and the threading looks like this:

 46     Nov 13 To /dev/random  (  39) |           `->
 47     Nov 13 To /dev/random  (  21) |*>Re: [linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour
 48     Nov 13 To /dev/random  (   9) | `->
 49     Nov 13 To /dev/random  (  21) `*>

The asterisks show where Dierdre's posts broke the thread.

Now, I used to use Pine too, but I'm surprised that Pine's
licensing is considered to be non-proprietary enough for the
Linux-elitists list ... as a veteran of Nick's other list
(which shall not be named, but it's dripping with Google juice,
overrun by twits, and has a name which makes reference to cheap
freebased cocaine and simians) I'd have to imagine that Pine
wouldn't be allowed to post here ... since it's proprietary!

But wait, wait -- what MUA do you prefer, Dierdre? What MUA
which is more proprietary than Pine? Is it Eudora? Outlook?

Keep in mind here that if Rick Moen isn't satisfied with DJB's
license (not free enough, though he does share the source code)
then he probably wouldn't approve of Pine's license either.

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