[linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour

Nick Moffitt nick@zork.net
Wed Nov 13 16:35:52 PST 2002

begin  Rick Moen Lives Three Hours from Nowhere  quotation:
> > But if zork were actually down, the nameservice would go down too.
> > What benefit did I really have that zork's nameservice would
> > continue on even if it went down?
> The most obvious benefit is that your MX hosts would be able to
> receive and store your mail even after cached return values from
> your now-unreachable nameserver expired, because there would be an
> offsite secondary nameserver to refresh them from.

	Again, this assumes off-site services other than DNS exist.
And yes, now zork has a great MX in another country.

> Your point is well taken, that defective secondary nameservice can
> do more harm than good.  So can a misconfigured backup MX host.  But
> the same is not true of backup services that _are_ functioning
> correctly.

	Absolutely.  Redundancy and distribution is a Good Thing.
Redundant DNS by itself isn't always useful, and may be a liability.
But it's rare to see a zone that doesn't serve info for multiple

A: No.
Q: Should I include quotations after my reply?

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