[linux-elitists] DJB ruckus du jour

Wayne Earl wayne@qconcepts.net
Wed Nov 13 16:07:16 PST 2002

On Wed, Nov 13, 2002 at 06:39:52PM -0500 or therabouts, Michael Bacarella wrote:
> I love you guys and all, but what's with all of the DJB bashing?
> I realize that some folks have personal beef with him but
> this is just getting silly.

Having been on both sides of the DJB software issue, the debate has
always struck me as being mostly a conflict of prevailing values:

1. To DJB, writing secure software that he retains control over is
   most important.

2. To others, the fact that the software has a Free license is most

DJB has the almost singular distinction of writing major software
packages, widely deployed, with ZERO security holes. I think more
people should learn what they can from his methods and code, and apply
those lessons to their own projects, using any damn license they

People choose to use software for a variety of reasons. If you don't
like the license, don't use the code. Real freedom means the freedom
to choose, based on the premises and reasons that make sence to you. 

As an aside, I find it ironic that for all the trashing people do to
DJB for his software being "non-free", his legal case with the EFF has
the potential to do MORE for real freedom than any OSI license ever has.

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