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Mon Nov 11 23:05:12 PST 2002

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Date: Tue, 12 Nov 2002 11:01:29 +0530
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Subject: Re: Gates on AIDS in India

At 11:04 PM 11/11/02 -0400, Owen Byrne forwarded:

>     That these initiatives are being observed seriously in India is 
> evident from the number of government projects under way on Linux. Like 
> we mentioned earlier, the judiciary, the Central Railways, Air-India, 
> Central Excise, Delhi RTO, various e-governance projects across the 
> country. The list is increasing. It's a battle Microsoft cannot afford to lose.

An interesting note from a lawyer I know in New Delhi:

>Not just for academic purposes. The Supreme Court (where I work) has 
>recently upgraded all its old DOS based antiques to shiny new systems 
>running Linux and OpenOffice.org software...They were just unpacking the 
>systems as I left for the Dussehra holidays, but people were just starting 
>to use it..

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