[linux-elitists] Spamassassin Netiquette

Mr.Bad mr.bad@pigdog.org
Fri May 10 21:45:24 PDT 2002

>>>>> "AL" == Andrew L33tsmith <akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com> writes:

    AL> My feeling (from being on the sa mailing list) is that they're
    AL> only truly interested in the ones that didn't get caught.

Of course, that's only for people that use Spamassassin. Some people
use Vipul's Razor without using Spamassassin, so you're doing _them_ a
favor by reporting.

I'm still seeking a rule for Elkern and the family of email viruses
that trick Microsoft Outlook by sending auto-loaded attachments with a
benign MIME type but an "executable" TLE -- pif, exe, com, bat,

As far as I can tell, the mail message objects that are passed around
in the Spamassassin system are not MIME-aware. Domaghe.

~Mr. Bad

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