[linux-elitists] Spamassassin Netiquette

Andrew L33tsmith akohlsmith-le@benshaw.com
Thu May 9 09:06:54 PDT 2002

> 	I have but one question. Should one report spam (spamassassin -r <
> spam) only when a piece of spam makes it through undetected or should
> one report all spam, detected or not?

My feeling (from being on the sa mailing list) is that they're only truly 
interested in the ones that didn't get caught.  

If you really want to help (this takes some work though) -- get a CVS copy and 
hand-verify that the spam that is caught really IS spam and that the mail 
that gets through really IS NOT spam and then run the two spools through the 
GA and send your results from that back.  

Wider base = better scores = better spam filtering.


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