[PATCH] Re: [linux-elitists] ssh hygiene

Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Wed May 1 22:51:54 PDT 2002

Seth David Schoen writes:

> "Not both" is "At least not one, or not the other".
> "Neither of them" is "Not this one, and not that one either".

More subtly,

	This important property of Boolean algebra is called
	the duality principle.  It states that every algebraic
	expression deducible from the postulates of Boolean
	algebra remains valid if the operators and identity
	elements are interchanged.  [...] If the dual of an
	algebraic expression is desired, we simply interchange
	OR and AND operators and replace 1's by 0's and 0's
	by 1's.

Mano, _Digital Design_, 2nd ed., p. 41.

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