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Please withhold my name if you send this to the list.

I think the list should also be aware that there are efforts at rulemaking
and treaties with provisions similar to the SSSCA (the Hollings Bill, now
called the CBDTPA, otherwise known as S. 2048) that might be introduced soon
in the World Trade Organization, the European Union, or among WIPO (World
Intellectual Property Organization) treaty nations that might also have a
great effect in the U.S. if passed.  Please remember that the DMCA was,
itself, also part of a larger international effort of WIPO.  (In fact, it
was referred to in the U.S. as the "WIPO Legislation" before it was passed
into law and became known as the DMCA.)

There is an abundance of references to copyright protection on the sites of
these organizations, and their activities with respect to similar rules and
treaties should be monitored.

http://www.wto.org -- the World Trade Organization site.

http://europa.eu.int/index_en.htm -- The European Union's English index

http://www.wipo.int/index.html.en -- The WIPO English index page.

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