Double Irony! (was Re: [linux-elitists] ruben's stupid filter)

Nick Moffitt
Mon Mar 25 14:48:34 PST 2002

begin  Derek Vadala  quotation:
> As far as number two: spam works. And that's why there's so much of
> it in your inbox. Spammers are going to look at rule sets for
> automated systems and simply send spam that doesn't trip them.
> You're fighting a losing battle, and in the long run you're going to
> waste a lot more of your time then you would have by simply deleting
> the messages.

	This assumes, of course, that spammers care only about getting
a message to you at all costs.  This assumes that they will forego
conventional advertising wisdom and avoid the catchphrases and
techniques designed to attract the reader's attention.  

> As a sort of sick joke, I actually went on an interview at a
> 'targetted opt-in email' company about a month ago. These guys were
> using racks upon racks of load-balanced machines, multiple network
> providers, and had people focused on circumventing anti-spam
> tactics. 

	But we can stay a step ahead of them quite easily.  Right now
it's only heavy geeks using spamassassin, due to the overhead making
it unsuitable for large ISPs.  The spammers will likely figure that
they don't care about us and focus on the old pensioners instead.

> (1) Vipul's Razor is pretty kick-ass, and my bad attitude does not
> apply to it.

	Well get to work on that!

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