[linux-elitists] Multi-session CDs

Chris Wilson cwilson@pcnetworks.org
Sat Mar 23 08:10:21 PST 2002

Morning all :)  I have been trying to read some multi-session CDs on my
linux box, with no luck.  My laptop, running Windoze 98SE (yea, I know, but
work owns it, so I got no choice) can read them just fine.

I'm currently running Kernel 2.4.17, the distro is originally RedHat 7.1,
though there's not much left of the original install, having replaced the
kernel, all of the GNU tools, and a bunch of other stuff.  I'm wondering,
is there something I need to compile into the kernel, or patch, or whatnot?

I've got three CD's in the machine.  One Sony IDE reader, one Pinnacle SCSI
burner, and one Ricoh SCSI burner, and none of them can read the
multisession CDs.  When I mount the CD on any of the drives I only see
what's in the first session.

Any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. :)



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