[linux-elitists] Google == LRH Tech

john spurling synec@liveevil.com
Thu Mar 21 11:56:03 PST 2002

On Thu, Mar 21, 2002 at 01:36:34PM -0500, Bulent Murtezaoglu wrote:
> I see your point, but it still seems it is the DMCA and powerful
> entities with lawyers abusing it that's the problem, not google
> itself.  I think I would have done nothing differently as a corporate
> decision-maker.  It is the legal climate that is warping things --
> clearly not desirable in the abstract but probably inevitable as of
> today.  (I am not reiterating the obvious about most uses of the DMCA 
> being abusive etc.) 

powerful entities with lawyers keep getting more powerful because
nobody does anything to stop them. case in point: google caving in
like a souffle during an earthquake. some may argue that this isn't
google's battle to fight. but if it's this easy to get google to
remove all references to a site, they're now opening themselves to a
shitstorm of "remove this site" requests from every tom, dick, and
harry citing the dmca. 

besides, just think about it for a second. legally, this is
insane. it's like suing cisco because their routers deliver packets
containing copyright violations. oh, but wait: maybe if the sssca
passes, their routers won't do that anymore.


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