[linux-elitists] Found Haiku Frenzy, part two

Rick Moen rick@linuxmafia.com
Wed Mar 20 15:30:42 PST 2002

Don, a little while back, you gave me a copy of the ULB mailing list's
archives.  While the mailing list itself is/was private, it doesn't 
seem a breach of privacy to do the obvious:

I trusted to your
collective intelligence
to figure that out.

I say again, IDE
can just fsck off. Don't want it
in *my* dream machine.

Ultimate Linux
Box has plenty of room for
future expansion.

It doesn't seem to
conflict with any of the
groups listed on BALE.

I just dabble in
hardware and am more of a
software person. Heh.

Not to mention the
fact that they seemed to be built
of armour plating.

If you attempt to
defend your property, you
will be arrested.

You want that fatal
moment to happen later
rather than sooner.

Seek time figures are
_usually_ cited as
average seek times.

Worst-case seek times are
also available, but
used much less often.

Smaller drives _would_ be
faster except I doubt that
anyone makes them.

But Ah. Now, I am
reconciled to "data" as
a mass noun like "grain".

They're not possible
to buy _new_. They're _extremely_
available used.

X takes one hell of
a long time to compile, and
a gob of disk space.

I sure as hell have
seen a big difference of
exactly that sort.

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