[linux-elitists] Re: OSI and non-OSD tools

Russell Nelson nelson@crynwr.com
Tue Mar 19 23:26:24 PST 2002

Aaron T Porter writes:
 > OSI Directors,
 > 	While reading mail to the license-discuss list recently, I noticed
 > that the list is running on EZMLM and Qmail, neither of which meets the
 > OSD.

Dan's software is close enough to being compliant with the OSD that
its use by OSI doesn't bother me.

 > While I understand that the software selection may well be an
 > unintentional result of opensource.org's hosting on hyperreal, it seems
 > an odd decision for a group "dedicated to managing and promoting the Open
 > Source Definition for the good of the community".

I'm sure that I have no use for "political correctness".  You would
certainly have a good point if the list or website were hosted on
proprietary software.

 > 	Are there any plans at this time to migrate to an OSD compliant
 > MTA and/or list manager?

None.  Dan's software is in a class of its own, and poses no threat to 
the OSD.

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