[linux-elitists] Found Haiku Frenzy, part two

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Tue Mar 19 14:13:38 PST 2002

Danny O'Brien did a very nice Python haiku-finder based on the 
CMU pronouncing dictionary.  (Now you people can stop asking me
for my evil nasty Perl code that did something similar but not
nearly as well)

Python program here:

I tried it on the archives of this list, and so here is...

A Section in the Cathedral Bar Area is Reserved for Us:
Real Live Found Haiku from the linux-elitists Mailing List Archive

Don't do this. REALLY.
I mean it. Got this off an
internal newsgroup.

Tabinda, I knew
you were wicked cool. I just
didn't know how cool.

Steve wrote: I did have
another Model M. It's
also in great shape.

BIND didn't have that
check. OK, the fact that this
fails is a feature.

Unix has decayed
to the point that the domain
names are not in use.

and a sense of humour are
key survival traits.

I'm not going to
rent a pied-a-terre in the
Watergate just yet.

For what it's worth, I
started way back when on what
is basically ed.

Justin Cheung wrote: The
dissing of pine and pico
is getting quite old.

I can easily
spot ads which have not succumbed
to Replacement yet.

I started spamming
retailers, since this is all
your fault anyways.

No, I don't have the
DOS source code. I don't know what
you're talking about.

Situations where
formated text really is
needed: I dunno.

I finish coding,
we reopen. Thanks for the
machine by the way.

More to the point, filk
is performed to entertain
(at least in theory).

Eugene Leitl spewed forth:
Linux sucks less, but it still
sucks. All hardware sucks.

But, then, we're used to
getting "less polished" stuff here
in Colorado.

They're a school, and schools
tend to be full of adults
who think they know best.

Normally I hate
perl but it seems well-suited
for a job like this.

did not rule on shifting to
ten million people.

Typo in last, I
meant to say: the sexpots are
on our side.  --JS.

Lisp weenies whine all
the time. You too could submit
patches to Emacs.

Well, Junkbuster won't
let me view it. I'm sure it's
fascinating, though.

If it's wrong, bad or
stupid, let me just say that
I am not surprised.

You guys are making
me want to go running and
screaming from my desk.

If you'll be there, let
me know and I'll get you in
to elite events.

Jimmy Buffett, here
is a song that I wrote that
makes Ben think of you.

Perhaps Mr.Bad
should have written the letter
to Tim after all.

PARC technology
was the caveman interface,
you point and you grunt.

We believe in the
power of the people to
use the Internet.

People who believe
in black helicopters are
considered insane.

Protect Corporate
Interests Because That's Good For
The Economy.

Marti wrote: News flash:
Matt Pavlovich does not live
in California.

Our winner gets a
lifetime supply of Guiness,
or something like that.

I would rather chew
my leg off than use Netscape
web servers again.

Do not build any
"circumvention devices"
into your product.

Aaron Lehmann wrote:
Thanks to fortune, my friend has
a police record.

I knew this subject
would come around to this list
sooner or later.

What I once said is
not necessarily my
current views, at all.

No UPS, yet. Maybe
after I've recovered from
paying for the car.

I'm sorry. I don't
follow the logic. This is
your problem, not mine.

Solaris weenies
and retards: /opt/foo should be
/usr/lib/foo dammit.

Email filtering
on the trunk lines? Ha, that's just
an urban legend.

YES, it matters. YES,
Don Marti is Mohandas
K. Gandhi on crack.

OKAY, that last one
went a little too far, but
you know what I mean.

Contract Law also
includes circumstances where
there is no Contract.

Orinoco has
by far the best range, and a
very nice driver.

Ordered a Lucent
antenna for the airport
basestation too.

You'd mount the hard drives
encased in thermite inside
the computer case.

It takes everything
I have just to control my
anger about this.

California grows
more than half the nation's fruit,
nuts and vegetables.


I really do not
want to take this step, but he
is forcing my hand.

The issue here is
more of seperating the
pure from the impure.

The prize is Swiss francs
for the best entry in each
of six languages.

Mr. Bad, you know
you want one. Rusty Foster
Don't play me, Foster.

they elite, or not? Depends
what you use them for.

You are not permit
access to this area
of your computer.

If everyone knows,
why are you telling them. If
they don't, you're lying.

Don Marti said: The
problem is the whole "formal
education" thing.

I tell them to get
lost (although generally
not that politely).

Evan, Aaron does
have a point: Plan 9 has a
sadly flawed licence.

I can hack on Scoop
with it. This is the shape of
the future right here.

I dunno what you're
smoking, but I would like to
have a bowl of some.

Of course this entails
trying to educate the
general masses.

It's just another
rathole to dive into. It's
wrong. We know it's wrong.

Thanks to all those that
have contributed code and
ideas. -drew M.

Bush's passion for
literary works was sparked
at an early age.

In the latter case,
the short answer is that: Your
mailer is broken.

Note my use of the
question mark. It indicates

You'll believe us. You
have no choice. INTERACTIVE

Cabal was formed a
while ago. This is merely
their takeover plan.

By early next year
I should have found a more *nix
friendly employer.

Aaron Lehmann wrote:
Yes, yes, I know this is from
Slashdot. Bear with me.

Yes, I was afraid
that BitKeeper would be the
only current choice.

Compiling from source
is an adventure as well.
What crap code that is.

Dell was infected
too. "Just apply the patches"
is a fucking joke.

In any case, this
seems really off-topic for

Even if your code
doesn't bounds-check properly
StackGuard can save you.

My tolerance for
folks excuses is getting
less and less daily.

Jonathan Corbet
wrote: It's in the Register,
so it must be true.

For many reasons,
people don't email programs
to one another.

Nielsen has never
created a beautiful
design in his life.

Of course you can have
a GNU system that's not a
Linux system too.

It crashes daily,
for no reason. I might just
go back to slackware.

I noticed some mild
pain in my wrists and arms, but
that was pretty rare.

Maybe that's why the
Silicon Valley Elite
don't have inner lives.

The autoconf can
just work right. It's part of good
programming practice.

Norway feels it has
to do Hollywood's bidding
on this issue. Peace.

A section in the
cathedral bar area
is reserved for us.

Don, Don, Don don't make
things any more difficult
than they need to be.

People like Arun
provide the vigilance that
freedom requires.

We have the densest
population of Linux
hackers anywhere.

... and finally ...

This document may
be freely distributed
with attribution.

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