[linux-elitists] AX.25

Jason Spence thalakan@lightconsulting.com
Wed Mar 6 00:47:36 PST 2002

So I have a mobile AX.25 packet station now.

Remember when you had a 1200bps modem?  Wasn't it exciting getting
UUCP working and setting up a relay for your buddies?  Or maybe
staying up till 3AM waiting for a wardial to finish and waiting
anxiously as you connected to the first modem on the list?

I have a 1200bps packet TNC hooked up to my 2 meter radio, and I'm
going through the same phase now.  Stuff *works*.  It's slow, but it
works.  The 2.4 kernel has a really solid AX.25 stack and I can keep
it in my head all at once.  It's great being able to see handshaking
taking place and watching the state tables change in intervals that
humans can deal with.

But there's no one to talk to!  I set up a base station at my place in
Fremont, but I can't ping it from more than a few miles away.
Everyone seems to be using real AX.25 instead of IP/AX.25, and that's
no fun.

Why hasn't this taken off?  We live in the most connected place on
earth, and there's strong secondary and tertiary markets to get the
radios, antennas, and TNCs to make it work.  We have the densest
population of Linux hackers anywhere.

Why isn't there anyone else running TCP/IP on their radio?

 - Jason

"I'd love to go out with you, but there are important world issues that
need worrying about."

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