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Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Thu Jun 20 13:42:25 PDT 2002

begin  Nick Moffitt  quotation:
> begin  Ben Woodard  quotation:
> > Anyway, with him gone LLNL is looking for a linux kernel developer as
> > well as a systems programmer. 
> I know this ranks up there with horrible gossip, but I heard that
> LLNL's budget was decimated (in the sense of leaving 1/10, not
> removing 1/10) to make way for the office of Homeland Security.
> Was that just rumor?

That was an example of Bush's general incompetence. So 9/11 made him
popular and so he felt the time was right to do an executive
powergrab. So what he did was create this office of homland security
with Tom Ridge as the head. Then he started spending vast amounts of
money behind the curtain of homeland security. Congress wanted to find
out what was going on and where all this money was going and so they
kept on summoning Tom to testify before them. Bush wouldn't let him go
ostensibly because he was doing some pretty unamerican things in the
name of homeland security. Eventually congress says, "OK you can't
spend any more money unless we get to talk to Tom". Bush's compromise
was to make homeland security a cabinet position. To make this new
position as powerful as possible he moved as many divisions and as
much of the federal budget as was reasonable into this cabinet
position. Anyway in the process of trying to grab as much as he could
possibly have he grabbed way too much. Think of the monkey's fist

In reality, to reorganize the government as much as bush is suggesting
will require a huge amount of legislation. The work involved in
crafting where things will actually fit within the federal beauracracy
has barely begun in congress. As they actually craft the legislation,
all these things will get sorted out. I seriously doubt that LLNL's
budget will be affected much. We are talking here about a huge portion
of the military industrial complex, the one that holds the "family
jewels" i.e. the nukes. It is not going anywhere. When all the
strangeloves in our military are willing to be castrated then maybe
LLNL's budget will be cut. 

Keep in mind that that 1.5 billion or whatever it the budget is. It is
largely in one way or another for the purposes of babysitting the 7000
nukes we still have. That is about 200K/year/nuke. It is all amazing
to me.


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