[linux-elitists] Linux programming jobs

Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Thu Jun 20 13:22:19 PDT 2002

I have to say. It is really nice in this current economy to ba in a
place where they are looking to expand.


begin  jkinz@ultranet.com  quotation:
> On Thu, Jun 20, 2002 at 12:35:54PM -0700, Ben Woodard wrote:
> > What are the good places to advertise linux programming jobs these
> > days? I know that word of mouth is good but I wanted to cast the net
> > fairly widely.
> > 
> > Basically, where I'm currently contracting just fired their mostly
> > incompetent kernel programmer. He was a BSD guy that really had no
> > Linux experience. Not a FreeBSD kind of guy who would understand the
> > way that things work in the Open Source/Free Software world but one of
> > those BSD guys who worked for a succession of companies which took the
> > BSD kernel and tools and modified them for their own purposes and
> > NEVER gave anything back. The fact that he never had to give back
> > meant that he was incabable of dealing with the political aspects of
> > the community where you have to work together with other people and
> > get them to accept your ideas. His approach seemed to me be almost
> > wanting to rape the linux community. i.e. Use it for the good things
> > that it had and never ever consider how to make the care for the
> > community.
> > 
> > Anyway, with him gone LLNL is looking for a linux kernel developer as
> > well as a systems programmer. Since I had such a bad experience
> > working with the non-linux guy that they hired I wanted to make sure
> > that their pool of applicants was heavily skewed toward the kinds of
> > people that I'd like working with.
> > 
> > -ben
> > 
> Hi Ben.
> FWIW:  Finding a topic-legal way to post to the Linux kernel mailing list 
> will certainly hit a large number of potential applicants.  
> Since its not a job posting list, you would have to work it in sort of
> sideways as in :
> Does anybody know about "X" in the kernel ?  My company (XYZ corp) needs
> some work done. Contact me for more info.
> This way it's not a "job posting" but you may get swamped.  
> Maybe even more than you want so think about it. 
> Good Luck finding your candidate.  I would apply myself but I lack
> tons of kernel experience.
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