[linux-elitists] Linux programming jobs

Ben Woodard ben@zork.net
Thu Jun 20 12:35:54 PDT 2002

What are the good places to advertise linux programming jobs these
days? I know that word of mouth is good but I wanted to cast the net
fairly widely.

Basically, where I'm currently contracting just fired their mostly
incompetent kernel programmer. He was a BSD guy that really had no
Linux experience. Not a FreeBSD kind of guy who would understand the
way that things work in the Open Source/Free Software world but one of
those BSD guys who worked for a succession of companies which took the
BSD kernel and tools and modified them for their own purposes and
NEVER gave anything back. The fact that he never had to give back
meant that he was incabable of dealing with the political aspects of
the community where you have to work together with other people and
get them to accept your ideas. His approach seemed to me be almost
wanting to rape the linux community. i.e. Use it for the good things
that it had and never ever consider how to make the care for the

Anyway, with him gone LLNL is looking for a linux kernel developer as
well as a systems programmer. Since I had such a bad experience
working with the non-linux guy that they hired I wanted to make sure
that their pool of applicants was heavily skewed toward the kinds of
people that I'd like working with.


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