[linux-elitists] Linus on closed kernel modules at Usenix

Gilad Ben-Yossef gilad@benyossef.com
Thu Jun 20 03:11:14 PDT 2002

Linus Torvalds at Usenix:

"I'm a complete non-believer in binary modules", Torvalds said,
reiterating what has become the conventional wisdom of the Linux-kernel
mailing list and experienced Linux support people. "Most houses that use
Linux a lot say that they won't support binary modules because they
can't. They may work, but you're not getting the full advantage of
Linux", he added. On the legal side, there is no specific exception for
binary-only modules. "They're borderline legal. There's nothing in the
license that says you're excused from the GPL".


Fair enough. Only wish he would say it sooner, in a clear and cut manner
and lay down the rules (whatever he chooses them to be). This closed
kernel modules 'haze' is bad for all involvded


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