[linux-elitists] [tytanic11@comcast.net: Refund]

Patrik Wallstrom pawal@blipp.com
Mon Jun 17 01:16:04 PDT 2002

On Mon, 2002-06-17 at 06:17, Jay Sulzberger wrote:
> On Sun, 16 Jun 2002, Nick Moffitt wrote:

> > I have a story for you, as well as a request :
> > Recently I got a new HP (Pavilion 521n) PC. Upon getting it home, I
> > followed the procedure  at http://zork.net/refund/process.png. Last
> > night I called HP to be told by a tech. support person that "this
> > liscense does not apply to the OEM version" and "you can't return the
> > software". I e-mailed support and got a similar response. My PC
> > shipped with Windoze XP (Home) and I now am dual-booting Mandrake and
> > Redmond Linux. My PC also came with a 6 month MSN trial, MS Works &
> > Money 2002, does this apply to them ? As for getting my refund, whom
> > should I talk with (@ HP), and how much should I expect back ?
> >
> > T. Morgan
> Immediately contact your state's
> 1. Office of Consumer Affairs
> 2. Attorney General
> Include all correspondence and an account of the telephone conversations.
> Include a copy of the EULA.
> Insist that you be paid the full correct refund and not some smaller amount.
> Do not give up.  In many cases refunds have been paid.

Does this apply to Sweden and IBM as well? Last week I bought a Thinkpad
with a W2k license. Without the license the Thinkpad was exactly the
same price, so I was actually thinking of getting it cheaper through the
refund thing, but haven't actually done anything yet.


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