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Seth David Schoen schoen@loyalty.org
Wed Jun 12 14:22:39 PDT 2002

... a fantastic job, for which you have to move to Washington, D.C.,
in return for which you get to work with the world's greatest experts
on technology and human rights.

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Subject: Position available: techie supporting human rights using open
    source and free software
From: pball <pball@aaas.org>
Date: 12 Jun 2002 13:56:12 -0400

Dear friends: please repost this to people you think it might interest.
Late this summer, I'll send one more mass announcement (we're going to
publish a bunch of data) -- if you want me to take you off this list,
let me know.  I hope you are well, and thanks in advance for sending
this along -- PB. 

The Science and Human Rights Program of the American Association for 
the Advancement of Science is seeking an open source systems 
administrator ("computer specialist III") to work with us on the 
application of information management and statistics to human rights. 

We're looking for someone who loves free software, wants to support 
human rights, and is eager to travel some of the most difficult places 
in the world. 

You need to be very comfortable with GNU/Linux systems. In particular, 
some of the skills you should have include a mastery of GNU/Linux 
installations, boot loaders, and init scripts; a wide knowledge of 
system demons; experience installing, configuring, and deploying free 
software office & productivity applications; script experience (perl, 
Python, shell); and at minimum, a working understanding of SQL, free 
software implementations of SQL back ends (MySQL, PostgreSQL), and of 
rapid ways to provide UIs to SQL systems (glade, PHP/HTML). 

You also need to be willing to learn about human rights ideas, to travel
all over the world, to learn about other cultures, and to work hard when
you get there. 

This job is located in Washington, DC -- telecommuting is NOT an 
option. AAAS provides a non-smoking work environment. EOE, of course. 

If this sounds good, you can get LOTS more information (including how 
to apply) at: 


Please do not reply to this email directly. The deadline for resumes is
2 July 2002. 

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