[linux-elitists] I am a polite person. I am a polite person.

Jonathan Corbet corbet-elite@lwn.net
Wed Jun 12 07:35:13 PDT 2002

Sez Greg:

> In speaking with some _very_ knowledgable IP lawyers, they seem to all
> agree that 99% of the binary kernel modules out there infringe on the
> GPL and wouldn't stand up to any kind of legal challenge.

Some day, I fear, some kernel hacker is going to say "Linus can do what he
wants, but I didn't license *my* code to be linked with proprietary
modules."  It could be a most interesting court case, and sure wouldn't do
Linux any good...  Spreading licensing FUD to companies wanting to get into
Linux is not generally a good idea, but companies wanting to do binary-only
modules probably should be aware that there is a potential trap here.


Jonathan Corbet
Executive editor, LWN.net

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