[linux-elitists] They probably don't like Don Marti either.

Jim Young jim@hotornot.com
Wed Jun 5 13:55:18 PDT 2002

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From: "Joakim Ziegler" <joakim@avmaria.com>
> Which of course leaves open the question of how it's possible to make
> money on, say, online journalism. It seems like an interesting question
> to ask. One solution might be to use ads and then encourage flaming and
> general idiocy, so that you get tons of pageviews from people who are
> too stupid to set up an ad blocker. Hey, it's worked for Slashdot for
> years.

1) Pageviews != $$$. Most ad campaigns these days are CPC or CPA, not CPM.
The *last* thing you want to do is run a popular site that generates a ton
of low-quality (meaning ones where the user ignores the ad) traffic. You end
up paying a lot for bandwidth, but still make zilch from ads.

2) I don't use an ad blocker.. are you saying I'm stupid? I don't mind
advertising if it's relevant to stuff I care about. Ads on slashdot are
actually interesting (and often more useful than the mindless flaming that
goes on there).


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