[linux-elitists] Entheta frenzy!

Emad El-Haraty spork@zork.net
Wed Jun 5 08:39:53 PDT 2002

begin  Mister Bad  quotation:
> >>>>> "EE" == Emad El-Haraty <spork@zork.net> writes:
>     EE> not that kind of insight. I'm referring to incite as in
>     EE> incitement. :P
> I know. But "inciteful" is not a word, and it's too close to
> "insightful" to be a clever neologism rather than a spelling mistake.
> So you lose and I get all the PCs in your downline.
> ~Mr. Bad


 Emad El-Haraty                                 E /
 If you can't beat them,                         M\/
 arrange to have them beaten.                     A\/

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