[linux-elitists] They probably don't like Don Marti either.

Andy Bastien lists@yuggoth.net
Wed Jun 5 06:46:35 PDT 2002

On Wed, 2002-06-05 at 07:03, Ron Guerin wrote:
> AntiAdBuster.com - Protect your site from ad blockers and ad killers
> # Attention Webmasters your website is under attack! Are you registering
> less leads/revenue/sales in spite of greater traffic to your site?
> # Are you serious about you web-business?
> # Are your users are using ad-blocking software to block your ads!
> # Did you know users could download your entire site using site
> grabbers!
> Today's ad-blockers are not only blocking banner ads but also have
> started blocking text based ads and affiliate links!
> Till date you couldn't do anything about ad-blocking software's that
> block your ads and affiliate links, but now you can fight back
> AntiAdBuster detects if your users are using some sort of ad-blocking to
> block your ads! 
> http://www.antiadbuster.com/

Those scripts are useless.  I'm use oops to block banner ads (and other
stuff), and was able to go to all of the sites that are linked as
examples.  Oh, and make sure you visit http://www.popdirt.com so that
you read groundbreaking and insightful journalistic prizes such as
'Mandy Moore posted on her official site message board a denial of New
York Post gossip columnist Liz Smith's claim that she was in heartbreak
after 'Try Seventeen' co-star Elijah Wood moved on from dating her to
dating Franka Potente. Mandy said, "Where do they get this stuff? Wow...
unreal. Can't a guy and girl be friends anymore? Geez.".'  


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