[linux-elitists] Entheta frenzy!

Don Marti dmarti@zgp.org
Mon Jun 3 09:17:04 PDT 2002

Hey, DMCA reform advocates, Janet Weiland from the Church of
Scientology just threw us a nice slow one.


So now, instead of just the "controversial DMCA" it can be the
"controversial, Scientology-backed DMCA".

The San Jose Mercury News is pretty good about printing DMCA-related
letters to the editor, and believe you me, more people will see
letters there than even a "+5 TROLL" comment on your favorite
meta-news site where everybody dislikes the DMCA already.

Letters to the San Jose Mercury News Micro-Howto.

1. Pick one point to make.  Express it in 2-4 paragraphs.

2. Fire up your mailer and send it to letters@sjmercury.com.  Include
   your postal address and phone number, which are needed for
   verification but will not be published.

Here's an example.

To the editor:

Janet Weiland of the Church of Scientology, like other apologists
for the Digital Millennium Copyright Act, is wrong to claim the
DMCA is just another copyright law.   (Opinion, June 3, 2002).

The facts show otherwise.  The letter that the Church's attorneys
sent Google on March 8, 2002 demands that Google censor the home
page of xenu.net, the leading Scientology critic site.

But the xenu.net home page contains no excerpts of Church materials
at all.  Could it be that the Church simply wants to suppress news
about it, such as the $8.7 million judgement that it recently had
to pay to abused former member Lawrence Wollersheim?

The DMCA is a bad law.  Far from aiding legitimate copyright holders,
it only shrouds the deceptive actions of a cult based on bad science
fiction.  People trapped in Scientology should visit xenu.net for
help and true stories of how others got out.


Don Marti                                          
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dmarti@zgp.org                      about Xenu and the Church of Scientology.
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