[linux-elitists] Casual Encryption

Joey Hess joey@kitenet.net
Tue Jul 16 20:43:48 PDT 2002

So this thread convinced me to turn on TLS. Then I found out about
certificate based relaying controls, and now I couldn't live without
that. But, there seem to be a fair number of TLS interoperability
problems out there -- the one I ran into involves my exim-using MX not
being able to pipeline multiple messages into my postfix-using mail
server when TLS is on. Bummer.

While I'm writing, is anyone aware of a network configuration
snapshotting program? What I'm looking for is a program that I can run
that examines the state of all network interfaces; captures routing info
and ipchains, and dns server and whether dhcp was used, and wireless
essid, mode, and so on, and then saves it in a profile that I can return
to with a single command. Support for saving to network.opts and
wireless.opts and debian's /etc/network/interfaces would be a nice plus.

When I'm at a convention, I get the network up at the command line in
whatever way works, but then I'm stuck having to reverse-engineer what I
did to set up a scheme for that network. Which is far too much work when
the convention only lasts a few days. Code, compile, debug is fine for
software, but a PITA for network configration. All the network profile
software I have seen makes you configure it in a file or a gui, rather
than just watching and learning. 

see shy jo

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