[linux-elitists] Haha, SpamCop lists Debian

Sean Neakums sneakums@zork.net
Sun Jul 7 08:04:17 PDT 2002

commence  Shawn McMahon  quotation:
> Eugen Leitl said:
> > 
> > So you're arguing that the global network should cease to have global
> > (well, minus the few % which are unreachable at any time due to routing
> > table screwage) connectivity (a GoodThing(tm) you said) because it's an
> > organism. When argued that it is nothing like a biological organism, you
> > give me a quote from a 1913 dictionary that an organism is organical, and
> > organized. Wow man! Like, totally. Sounds like an excellent mandate to
> > screw up routing tables, and put random filtering rules into routers. 
> > Excuse me, I prefer backhoes and plastique. Is quicker.
> If connectivity is supposed to be 100% global, then please give your
> root password so I can connect.

Last time I checked, the TCP three-way handshake did not include an
authentication phase.

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