[linux-elitists] Haha, SpamCop lists Debian

Karsten M. Self kmself@ix.netcom.com
Fri Jul 5 15:40:51 PDT 2002

on Wed, Jul 03, 2002, Ron Guerin (ron@vnetworx.net) wrote:
> On Wed, 2002-07-03 at 00:43, Dan Wilder wrote:
> > Hehe.  From Debian Weekly News 
> > 
> > http://www.debian.org/News/weekly/2002/25/
> > 
> > comes a mention of my personal favorite for the title of
> > Most Awesomely Clueless Spam Blocking Stuff:
> Well, it's not SpamCop that's awesomely clueless.  It's the SpamCop
> _users_ that are in desperate need of a clue.  Debian got listed because
> some dimwit on the Debian lists submitted them as a spam source.
> Sequence:
>         1. Sub-human life form submits spam to Debian list
>         2. Dim-witted twit on list receives mail
>         3. Dim-witted twit, incapable of realizing he subscribed to said
>            list clicks the "Spam" button in SpamCop
>         4. Steps 2 and 3 are repeated until SpamCop's threshold is
>            reached
>         5. Debian is listed as a spam source

I'm half-inclined to go with SpamCop on this one.

Spam is rapidly getting to be everybody's problem.  Even the Orient is
starting to wake up to the fact that TLD blacklisting is probably not in
their best interest.

While filtering list mail is a pain, the alternative also has its
downsides.  I'm getting to feel that most major mail gateways should
probably start looking at means of mitigating spam.  Maybe not disabling
stuff, but throwing cost metrics into the fray, teargrubbing, etc.  And
TLD blacklisting where appropriate.  Spammers live and die on TTL, if a
given host can only generate a few hundred, instead of a few hundred
thousand, messages, their costs go up.  This is an economic activity,
and their margins are relatively small.

As for SC, if it turns out that the blacklist it uses is a poor general
predictor for spam, then tools such as Spamassassin will weight its
recommendations appropriately.  The clueless lusers will lose
(cluelessly, as usual), but proper implementation will in the long run
work out.


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